Document circulation software allows companies to distribute digital file types to employees, vendors and contractors—and assure that document-centric calls meet complying requirements. It can be much more than just attaching files to email—it includes a comprehensive client webpage, security options and the capacity to track document activity which allows for quick identification of tampering. Whether you are using ImageSite (eQuorum’s engineering doc control system) or Engine-Box, an automated management system, equally systems allow users to simply find records and images through full-text searches, programmed indexing and version control. This makes locating the correct type faster and more efficient, saving workers useful time each day.

Moreover, this eliminates the need to search multiple folders and email email for essential information that can be shed or ruined in the process. Rather, this information can be purchased in a central location that allows for quick access—and saves and your staff the time you could be spending on more value-add activities like providing brilliant customer service or perhaps growing your company.

As your institution grows, therefore does the need for a central repository to store all of the distinct documents which can be generated from your staff and customers. A robust document the distribution system will provide worldwide tools that allow for a client site, workflow software and eSignature integration to help you grow your operations without having to sacrifice the quality of your data or limiting on conformity standards. Built with bank-level protection, SmartVault provides a protect online customer portal, document management capabilities and eSignature the use designed specifically for professional providers businesses.